Atl-Atl & Temple guard - EN/DE

Atl-Atl & Temple guard - EN/DE

Freebooter Miniatures
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Sculpted by Israel Delgado Laborda, painted by Nicolas Deze

Atl-Atl are armed with dangerous throwing spears and annoy opponents with a never-ending hail from the undergrowth. Unlike the temple guards, who want to look their opponents in the eye when they strike. And they succeed easily, because with their shields they are hard to hit and can reach the opponents with ease.

Atl-Atl & Temple guard are deckhands for the Amazons.

Book: The Crews FF 035

Hire Fee: 45 Doubloons for Atl-Atl, 50 Doubloons for Temple guard
Max. Number per Crew: unlimited
Parts: 9

The miniatures comes with character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.

They are supplied as unpainted kits and require assembly.