Final Fantasy TCG Custom Starter Set Final Fantasy XIII  - DE

Final Fantasy TCG Custom Starter Set Final Fantasy XIII - DE

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Following on the success of the first edition, the Custom Starter Set makes its return with FINAL FANTASY XIII. The set comes with a 50-card Fire & Lightning deck that can be customized at will using the 50 additional cards included (make it Ice & Lighting, Fire & Ice, or use any of the 26 interchangeable cards for your very own built). With a quick starter guide and customization tutorial, this is hassle-free Deck-Building at its best! Also included are exclusive starter cards as well 1 premium full art, 1 full art, and 2 Legend reprints.

Among the 100 cards included in the deck and customization cards, there are 30 total new Starter cards (3 cards each of 10 different cards). For the Starter card Lightning [19-138S], one of the cards will be a Full Art Premium Foil card. In addition, one of the [13-081H] Lightning reprint cards will be normal specification full art cards.The set also comprises 2 Legend cards reprints, [1-018L] Bahamut and [11-037L] Barthandelus (2 copies of each).


Prebuilt Deck
Fire/Lightning x50 cards
Customization cards x50 cards
Starter Guide: x1
Custom Guide: x1