Mariner/Velero #2 - EN/DE

Mariner/Velero #2 - EN/DE

Freebooter Miniatures
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Sculpted by Werner Klocke, painted by Sascha Bernhardt

Goblins like these form the backbone of every goblin crew. Short, cowardly, smelly and just generally nasty.

Mariners and Veleros are Goblin Pirate deckhands. In large numbers they even manage some approximation of courage and Mariners even have pistols. However, even though you may scoff at it at first, the Veleros’ aptly-named paddle of doom is one of the most feared weapons on the battlefield, and rightly so.

Book: The Crews FF 035

Hire Fee: 35 Doubloons (Mariner), 30 Doubloons (Velero)
Max. Number per Crew: unlimited
Parts: 7

The miniatures come with character cards for Freebooter’s Fate.

They are supplied as unpainted kits and require assembly.