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The Scriber is a manual tool for engraving lines on parts made of different materials.

This tool is made of high quality aluminium alloy and includes two tungsten steel blades for both push and pull engraving as required by the workpiece and needs.

It has a safety cap for protection.

It is used by engraving the surface of the workpiece by applying pressure on the tool to create a shallow groove.

It can be used to create new lines or restore lines that have been damaged/removed during the sanding process.

It is advisable to use a metal ruler, a hard plastic tape or a slightly flexible ruler for curves as a guide to ensure an accurate line.



  • Curved engraving tip 0.3 (tungsten)
    Recommended for engraving lines with precision thanks to the possibility of exerting a very controlled pressure.


  • Precision bevelled tip 0.5 (tungsten) for pusher use.
    Recommended for precision line engraving and for hollowing out different types of workpieces.
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