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Preorder - The Last Spell - Kickstarter Edition

Preorder - The Last Spell - Kickstarter Edition

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In the tactical co-operative game The Last Spell: The Board Game, a tabletop adaptation of Ishtar Games' video game of the same name, you are a hardened warrior whose only purpose in life is to desperately defend the last of the mages while trying to cast "the last spell" and banish all magic from this world and maybe save us all. Maybe.

The game is set in a dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic world in which you have to carefully manage the scarce resources at your disposal to survive long enough. Gameplay revolves around three cycles of day and night in which players use daylight hours to bolster the game economy, fortify defenses against nocturnal invaders, and upgrade their heroes' equipment to unlock more power.

You can choose to play single scenarios or embark on a campaign that challenges you with increasing levels of difficulty. With a plethora of weapons and abilities at your disposal across multiple plays, there's always something new to explore — and for the ultimate test of your strategic prowess, witness the fiery destruction of your city in the face of overwhelming odds.

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