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Bloodfields Everdark Elves Starter Set

Bloodfields Everdark Elves Starter Set

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Bloodfields: Everdark Elves Starter Set

Embark on a journey into the mystical realm of Bloodfields with the Everdark Elves Starter Set by Titan Forge. This fantasy set is meticulously crafted to bring to life 11 stunning miniatures, essential for assembling a formidable army for the Bloodfields tabletop wargame.

Elevate your gaming experience and conquer the Bloodfields with the Everdark Elves Starter Set by Titan Forge. Order now and prepare to unleash the darkness upon your adversaries!

All miniatures are supplied unpainted and some require assembly. The painted examples are for inspiration only. 

Key Features:

  • Complete Miniature Collection: This starter set includes all the components needed to construct 11 intricately detailed miniatures, ensuring you have everything required to build a powerful Everdark Elves army.
  • Exclusively Designed for Bloodfields Wargame: Tailored specifically for the Bloodfields tabletop wargame, this army set provides players with a dedicated and immersive gaming experience within the dark and captivating universe of Bloodfields.
  • Exceptional Craftsmanship: Each miniature in this set showcases Titan Forge's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, with intricate details and high-quality materials that bring the Everdark Elves to life on the gaming table.
  • Versatile Gaming Options: With 11 unique miniatures at your disposal, the Everdark Elves Starter Set offers versatile gaming options, allowing you to strategize and customize your army for a variety of gameplay scenarios.
  • Immerse Yourself in Dark Fantasy: Immerse yourself in the enchanting and ominous world of Bloodfields as you command the Everdark Elves. Unleash the power of darkness, conquer your foes, and dominate the tabletop battlefield with this starter set.


  • 1 Balander D'Rand
  • 1 Carmina Mis'Trin
  • 1 Dardena on B'znar
  • 1 Dusk Lurker
  • 1 Miriana Vi'Dal
  • 1 Slazgar Bor'Duin
  • 1 Vagar Her'hatog
  • 2 Poisonspike Rambler ver.1
  • 2 Poisonspike Rambler ver.2
  • 9 Mystic Base
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