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D-Day: Forces in Normandy 1944 ink free United Card

D-Day: Forces in Normandy 1944 ink free United Card

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The D-Day: Forces in Normandy, 1944 book contains all of the previous D-Day books, as well as some new units and formations that we have added for this new edition.

Inside you Will Find

  • Army lists for German, British and American Forces in Normandy, including Armoured, Mechanised, Infantry and Airborne forces. as well as specialised forces like Commandos and Rangers
  • Detailed unit histories to inspire your next projects.
  • Missions and Scenarios allowing you to recreate the airborne landings, beach Landings and fighting in the Bocage
  • Inspirational colour photos
  • Painting and basing guides

Including free Forces of War Code


Each D-Day: Forces in Normandy book contains a unique code that unlocks all of the books contents in Forces Of War: Forces, Formations, Unit Cards, and Command Cards.

Forces Of War is the online force builder for Flames Of War and is an invaluable tool for building and storing army lists, as well as printing out your Unit and Command Cards ready for battle.

Forces Of War will be updated in the coming days with the option in your Accounts tab to enter a Book Code and redeem your access to these lists.

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